1.Josef Anastasiadis and Herbert Kuchen 
       Higher Order Babel: Language and Implementation 

2.Martin Argenius and Andrei Voronkov 
       Semantics of Constraint Logic Programs with Bounded Quantifiers 

3.Matteo Baldoni, Laura Giordano and Alberto Martelli 
       Translating a Modal Language with Embedded Implication into Horn Clause

4.Antonio Brogi and Cosimo Guarino 
       Pruning the search space of logic programs 

5.Ricardo Caferra and Nicolas Peltier 
       A significant extension of logic programming by adapting model 
       building rules 

6.Iliano Cervesato, Joshua S. Hodas and Frank Pfenning 
       Efficient Resource Management for Linear Logic Proof Search 

7.Paolo Ciancarini, Daniela Fogli and Mauro Gaspari 
       A Logic Language based on GAMMA-like Multiset Rewriting 

8.Carlos Viegas Damasio and Luis Moniz Pereira 
       Default negated conclusions: why not ? 

9.Anatoli Degtyarev and Andrei Voronkov 
       Handling Equality in Logic Programming via Basic Folding 

10.Kerstin Eder, Steffen Hlldobler and Michael Thielscher
       An Abstract Machine for Reasoning
        about Situations, Actions, and Causality 

11.Joerg Hudelmaier 
       On the computational complexity of logic programs with nested 

12.Catholijn M. Jonker 
       Proof-theory for Extensions of Logic Programming 

13.Yoshiki Kinoshita and John Power 
	A fibrational semantics for logic programs 

14.Juan Jose Moreno-Navarro
       Extending Constructive Negation for Partial Functions in 
       Lazy Functional-logic Languages 

15.Leonard Paulik and Peter Vojtas 
	Soundness and completeness of non-classical SLD-resolution 

16.Robert F.Staerk
       Total Correctness of Logic Programs: A Formal Approach 

17.Olof Torgersson 
       A Definitional Approach to Functional Logic Programming 

18.Cees Witteveen and Wiebe van der Hoek 
       Some postulates for nonmonotonic theory revision
       applied to logic programming 

19.Teodor C. Przymusinski, 
       Super Logic Programs and Negation as Belief (invited paper)

20.Karl Stroetmann and Thomas Glass, 
       A declarative semantics for the Prolog cut operator (invited paper)