This web site is designed to be viewed with a browser, such as the latest version of Netscape Navigator, that supports font tags. You must have installed the fonts Konstanz and Detroit, as well as having the Symbol font and a default font like Times or Palatino. If you haven't installed these, they may be obtained from the MacLogic web site. If you don't know, then see the foot of this page.

Overview of MacLogic

  1. Introduction
    1. Elementary logic --- its scope and purpose
    2. Proof construction vs presentation
    3. Directions for use of manual
  2. Getting Started
    1. Checking a proof
    2. Constructing a proof
  3. Advanced work
    1. First-order logic and equality
    2. Modal logic
    3. Definition expansion
    4. Sequent Introduction
    5. Use of tautologies
    6. Cut rule
    7. The window system
    8. Using the validity checker
  4. Theoretical background and bibliography
    1. Introduction
    2. Natural deduction calculi
    3. Sequent calculi
    4. Automatic theorem proving
    5. Differences between the various logics
    6. Bibliography
  5. Reference guide
    1. Installation instructions
    2. ATP
    3. Menus
    4. Rules of first-order logic, as implemented
    5. Syntax
    6. Tactics for first-order logic, as implemented
  6. Acknowledgements, disclaimer, availability and licence arrangements.

To see whether or not the appropriate fonts are installed, see whether the following contains interesting logic symbols or just appears theroughout in the default font: