Macintosh Software for Logic

See Branden Fitelsen's web site if you are using a modern version of MacOS (e.g. OS X) or are not a Macintosh user.

This software has been developed within the Computational Logic research group at St Andrews University, by Roy Dyckhoff, Neil Leslie, Tom Peillon, Brenda Rapley, Luis Pinto, Andrew Adams, Christian Urban, Jacob Howe and others.

It is copyright of the University of St Andrews.

You may need to use a utility such as BinHex or Stuffit Expander to unpack this software: if so, it'll probably end up in your system folder. It was packed using Compact Pro.

The demonstration versions of MacLogic listed below can be converted quickly into fully licensed versions.

MacLogic 2.5

MacLogic 3.*



There are problems with some Macintoshes using OS 9 that I don't know how to fix; (and probably don't have the resources to fix even if I did know how to). See the above note about using MacLogic on non-Macintoshes.

Accordingly, we are no longer charging for MacLogic.

Pricing and ordering

Version changes:

Roy Dyckhoff, 5 April 2006